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My most valued possession is my family. Even if you are living in a box somewhere, and you have the love and support of your family, you will always be wealthy. Love really is all you need. From love, great things will emerge. From your thoughts, you can create greatness.

This is what I need to remind myself of everyday to be the best person that I can be. Live your life with gratitude. Be thankful for all that you have everyday, even if it is your eyes to see or your ears to hear or your feet to walk or your hands to create. Understand your place in this Universe; how infinitesimally small you are, but how huge a contribution your Spirit is. Don't wear blinders to the world around you, you're not the only one here. Be kind, considerate, don't be judgemental, love others, and yourself. Know that you are perfect inside; that you are love.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Well, here we are...

Hello Friends,

I took a little longer than I originally planned to post here, but here I am. Life takes us on the most unexpected of journeys, sometimes, doesn't it? I know this all too well and it just seems to keep on coming. I'm not complaining, mind you. I just sit in awe of how the Universe works and constantly contemplate the reasons why. When I get sucked into this, I always think of that quote from Tennyson, "The Charge of the Light Brigade" "Theirs not to reason why, Theirs but to do and die". This quote has been paraphrased as "Ours is not to wonder why, Ours is just to do or die", but neither really has anything to do with what I wonder's about the Battle of Balaclava during the Crimean War, after all.

But we still will quote Alfred, Lord Tennyson when we question something, all mysterious-like:
"Why did Susan have to get sick? She's got three little kids!"
"Ours is not to wonder why..." (in mysterious sing-song voice).

I get very unsatisfied with this kind of answer because I am very...I'll say inquisitive...and truly over-analytical. Try as I might to let it be and rest in the hands of 'fate', I am compelled to know why. After all of this time I still wonder every day why mom died, why Noah's mom died, why it happened so close together and in such a traumatic way. Why did my brother then die, and now, why is my son struggling?

And that's really what this one is about. The agony of loss just continues to spread its wings across the canopy of my family. I realize that this is probably partially my fault in the way that I allowed us all to just "go about our business" and try to remain as normal as possible, but that is not always the healthiest thing to do. Ignoring something does not make it go away; I know better than that. But, I also believe in the right time for everything. And this must be ours.

Some pretty drastic things have just recently come up, again, that we have been dealing with as a family. I do not want to disclose too much personal info that will betray my son's privacy, but we are working through major issues as a family to help him through this ordeal. I've made the commitment to take several weeks off from work to help him through these issues. I transport him to where he needs to go three days a week one hour each way, I sit and wait for him for three hours and then I am available at home with him for whatever he needs. He is willing to take the steps necessary to succeed in his health and well-being, and so are his father and I. He knows we are here for him, and we love him, unconditionally, for all of time, but he knows what must be done to be successful in his life and he is ready and willing to do it. He is doing great so far.

I now recognize that it is time for me to start speaking to someone about my grief and discord. It had affected all aspects of my life. There is only so much ignoring and storing away one can do before it fills you up and threatens to run over (and it has, has). I really do have faith in the belief that everything will work out the way it is meant to, it always has, but as you are living it, it can be truly difficult to focus on that. I have to remind myself of the pros and cons list I have made about my life decisions or I forget and get overwhelmed with the decision making.

My advice to you would be to make a visible list if you can, of your plans, if you have trouble remembering what you have decided is the best course of action for you. List your pros and cons, keep it close so you can tweak it and refer to it often whenever you have doubts about your decisions. If you have a supportive spouse or best friend, discuss these decisions with them; get their feedback. Ask for their honest opinion...and then be OPEN to it. You can't get angry if they say something you don't particularly want to hear. They will stop wanting to have these types of conversations with you, and believe me, you need these people in your life.

Get the help you need. There is no shame in seeking out a professional to help you through the rough patches, no matter what your patches are. I had a real hard time asking for help, even though our family went through some pretty tragic events. I thought I could hold it all together, had to hold it all together, for the sake of my family...and myself. I thought I would be destroyed if I let down my guard and started to let the grief out. Come to find out, it was the other way around. And because I was so adamant about not talking about it because it was too hard, my family didn't talk about it either. Not really. And they may have had some of their own reasons for that, but that guilt, you know? So, now we've found ourselves in a situation that needs immediate attention.

This brings me to my final thought: What if all of this happened for a reason? Is this a part of the plan? The "Everything happens as it should" plan? Not the deaths, but the reactions to them. If I hadn't handled things the way I did, or my son handled things differently, would we be missing out on valuable lessons learned from our actions? Sure, it created more suffering, but the actions it induced and the lessons we are learning and the steps we are taking now feel invaluable to me. Every time a major event happens in my life, I feel the same way: blessed that it's all happening as it should. Even through all the crap you might just find a daisy. All I need is a quick daily reminder that I am on the right path, because everything that happens is what should be happening. We just have to learn to let go.

Bottling up everything tough that you go through is counterproductive. It will eventually eat you alive. You are not helping yourself or anyone else by doing this. Don't be afraid to reach out and ask for help. Fear is poison, and it will kill you dead if you don't seek the antidote.

Choose to support and love each other. We are all partners on this Earth; be the solution...not the problem.

I hope you all have a wonderful week, and as always, thanks for reading...


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