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My most valued possession is my family. Even if you are living in a box somewhere, and you have the love and support of your family, you will always be wealthy. Love really is all you need. From love, great things will emerge. From your thoughts, you can create greatness.

This is what I need to remind myself of everyday to be the best person that I can be. Live your life with gratitude. Be thankful for all that you have everyday, even if it is your eyes to see or your ears to hear or your feet to walk or your hands to create. Understand your place in this Universe; how infinitesimally small you are, but how huge a contribution your Spirit is. Don't wear blinders to the world around you, you're not the only one here. Be kind, considerate, don't be judgemental, love others, and yourself. Know that you are perfect inside; that you are love.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

The coolest birthday gift...

I have a quick little story I wanted to share with you. I don't know why I waited so long to tell it, it was just a quirky little thing that happened, but I was just thinking about it and wanted to share it. I took my son out with me for my birthday two days before my actual birthday (July 23rd). We just went to dinner and shopping all around and then to the mall. While walking through the busy mall, a young woman walked passed us and complimented me on my dress. I was a little taken aback, and I don't take compliments well, but I thought it was very nice. It's fresh and inviting to open yourself up and reach out to someone and offer kind words or a compliment.  We eventually made our way to Earthbound Trading Company, where there are a lot of ethnic wares, posters, incense, jewelry, and unique novelties. A display of cuff bracelets caught my eye. I was standing there with my son looking at all of these bracelets when a lovely young African American woman who was also the store clerk approached us. She also complimented me on my dress. I was appreciative, but found it a bit odd. Two compliments in less than 20 minutes. See, I was wearing a dress that had belonged to my mother. I took some of her things when I cleaned out her house. I explained to the clerk that this was my moms dress and that she had recently passed. The clerk ( I wish I had gotten her name) asked me if I feel my mother. That she is with me. I told her that I did. And this is true, especially after the quantum moment I had had several weeks before. She told me that she just had to come over and meet me, that I had such a calming presence about me; an unusual aura. We spoke briefly for a few minutes more about the other side and she had to go back to work. My son thought that the interaction was "cool" and, frankly, so did I. We have noticed these interactions alot lately, where people have approached me and have stated the calming affect I have or the serene way about me. This is so foreign to me, a far cry from how I used to be, but it is now becoming more of a natural feel for me. I'm getting used to hearing this and realizing that this is me, now. It was actually always me, I just didn't know it yet.
These interactions started even before I lost my mom. In January all of the employees in my department had to meet with a Human Resources representative due to the less than great employee survey results at work. When I got into the lady's office, she was a little harried, rushing a bit because she was late. I was just getting off work at 7:00 am, she was hurrying to get started with me. When she finally settled in to her desk she looked at me and took a big breath and said "Are you always this calm? You just have such a calming affect...I just want to take in a big breath and sigh..."(and she did so). I was surprised at her words. I told her that I was not always this calm, quite the opposite actually. But I have been changing. Realizing what is important in life. Stressing myself into early old age is not one of them. So all of this really started quite awhile before mom died. I'm sure that is a huge contributor to the way I am able to handle the things in my life, now. I just wanted to share these little, but very significant, moments I've had. Speaking out to others, telling them what you feel, what is in your heart, even if it is just kind words in passing, can have a great impact on them. And they, like me, will then be encouraged to keep that feeling those interactions give them, and carry it within themselves, and share kindness of their own. Kindness,'s a cycle, and it is contagious. That's a great thing to spread.

The dress...

The bracelet...

Have a wonderful Sunday...N

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